Homeland Security

Karil International delivers technologies and solutions to the Homeland Security market, including: U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Army, Israeli Defense Forces, National Police, international airports and law enforcement agencies. Serving throughout Europe, Asia and Africa, Karil focuses on the unique challenges facing Homeland Security teams in the field, and develops solutions to meet the operational requirements of their mission.

Our Expertise:
  • Transportation Security
  • Tactical equipment
  • Drug and explosive detection and identification
  • Blast management and explosive containment
  • War on drugs and criminal activity
  • Ballistic protection


Karil International delivers technologies and solutions to the Defense market, including: combat soldiers, tactical intelligence units and ground platforms. Every solution is chosen or designed with the end-users in mind, to cover operational gaps for a variety of tactical challenges on the battlefield.

Our Expertise:
  • Ground Combat Platforms
  • Night Vision & Sights
  • Aiming & Pointing Devices
  • Wireless Communication
  • Navigation
  • Surveillance
  • Mobile Power Supply
  • Weapons and Ammunition
  • Training and Simulation

Tech & Industrial

Karil International has the capabilities to develop and manufacture innovate security and defense products found nowhere else.

R&D, Engineering and Manufacturing Capabilities

Develop and manufacture unique, proprietary drug detection products for use by law enforcers, educational institutions and private consumers; plus a broad range of explosive detection and forensic products.

Karil Quality Standards

Products are designed and manufactured to meet the strict standards of the Israeli Defense industry, as well as the U.S. Department of Defense and European requirements.