Mistral Group Introduces Fentanyl Test

Jun 08 2017

Mistral Group is proud to announce a new Presumptive Drug Test (PDT) that detects Fentanyl. Mistral Security is currently the only company in the market with a stand-alone test capability.
Fentanyl has taken the lives of thousands of users, as well as a many police officers who were trying to fight against the drug problem. Until now, Law Enforcement has not had available an inexpensive, in-field test for Fentanyl.  Unlike others who claim they can detect the drug by using a more general drug screening test, Mistral’s PDT has the ability to distinguish between Fentanyl and amphetamine or methamphetamine.

Please contact Mistral at karilinfo@mistralgroup.com or call +972-99568212 to receive more information regarding the Fentanyl PDT or any other Mistral Drug Detection and Identification products.

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