Our Products

Karil International’s business development teams are experts in understanding each market’s capability gaps, the relevant technologies that will resolve the shortfalls, and the actions necessary to successfully bridge the gap.

Product Categories
Explosive Detection and Identification Kits

Karil International’s Explosive Detection and Identification products are world leaders in presumptive field tests for explosive substances or trace residues.

Drug Detection and Identification Field Test Kits

Karil International’s Drug Detection and Identification products provide not only the capability to identify an illicit substance, but also ‘detect’ residues that cannot be seen.

Forensic Products

Karil International’s forensic and visualization aerosol products are designed for crime scene investigative units and other organizations. Several of the products visualize fingerprints under difficult or unusual circumstances; other products visualize iron metal traces on hands; or visualize markings on hands left by an invisible aerosol marking system; or allow the end-user to see the contents inside unopened envelopes.

Non-Lethal Weapons

When force is required, the effect of impact and hot PAVA pepper irritant is effective and safe. PepperBall® projectiles hit and break apart, the resulting pepper powder cloud envelops the eyes and enters the breathing passages to incapacitate subjects and provide greater opportunity for successful incident resolution.

Blast Management Systems

Karil International is a world leader in blast containment technologies. We design and manufacture products ranging from semi-confined blast containment trash receptacles to fully confined blast containment vessels that can withstand explosive threats.

Underwater Technologies - Compact Oxy

The Compact Oxy is a diving re-breather system that can be used where oxygen supply is limited, yet still enabling long dives and producing no bubbles. These capabilities make Compact Oxy ideal for Special Operations Forces for covert entry/withdrawal and immediate littoral operations.

Underwater Communication and Navigation

Karil International’s Drug Detection and Identification products provide not only the capability to identify an illicit substance, but also ‘detect’ residues that cannot be seen.

Tactical Equipment

Karil International offers a line of tactical equipment that is relevant for law enforcement and first responders for life safety, search and rescue and emergency preparedness.

Ballistic Protection

We aim to protect and serve those who protect and serve us. Mines, IEDs, snipers and shoulder launched rockets are main threats to the troops. We seek light-weight technologies and solutions to protect the warriors, their vehicles and camps without compromising their maneuverability and effectiveness.

Firearm Safety

Karil Introduces a family of solutions dedicated to preventing accidental firings. At one end of the spectrum are stationary bullet traps posted at entrances to all sorts of facilities.

Water Generation

Committed to delivering pure, fresh, drinking water solutions through a variety of robust and innovative products which are easily transportable, meet user requirements and standards, and most importantly, create a secured drinking water source.

Weapons and Ammunition

We offer solutions for small and large caliber ammunition for both operational and training scenarios as well as the firearms to support them from guns, through sniper rifles and down to shoulder launched rockets.

Radio Systems and Communication

In addition to voice communication, the modern battlefield calls for data and video communications. This is to allow monitoring blue forces and transfer targets from sensors.

Training and Simulation

Training is a fundamental part of an operator's path to excellence. Karil offers state-of-the-art training and simulation systems and facilities to allow simulation of a wide range of operational scenarios. We believe that an effective training environment should simulate the battlefield sights, sounds and smells but without compromising the warriors' safety and health.

Night Vision and Sights

The warrior needs to be effective and safe at all times and thus requires technological solutions to allow him to see without being seen. We offer modern solutions such as passive night vision devices based on cooled and un-cooled thermal sensors, light intensifying tubes, low-light cameras and other technologies.

Navigation and Control

Karil offers widespread solutions in the field of tactical navigation systems including digital compasses, fiber optic gyros (FOG), IMUs, GPS and multi-sensors packages that meet the rigorous requirements of military and commercial customers for precision guidance, stabilization, and navigation.

Pyrotechnics and Ordnance

Karil cooperates with a global group of companies that specialize in development, design and production of energetic material products and decoy countermeasures.