Pyrotechnics and Ordnance

Karil cooperates with a global group of companies that specialize in development, design and production of energetic material products and decoy countermeasures.

To the aerospace and defense industries we offer pyrotechnic, mechanical, and electronic components and products such as: power cartridges, squibs and initiators, detonating cartridges, gas generators, separation nuts, separation bolts, cutters, pin pullers and pin pushers, electro-mechanical safe arm fire devices, thrusters, provalves, electronic safe arm fuses and electro-mechanical safe/arm devices, acoustic firing devices and more.

To the Air Force and Navy we offer solutions such as conventional and advanced flare countermeasures and naval decoys.

To the Ground Forces we offer small and large caliber ammunitions, signal markers, smokes and obscurants, distraction and screening grenades, battlefield simulation products, illumination flares, 40mm grenades, hand grenade fuses with pyrotechnic delay.