C-Master MKII™ Diver Navigation System


How it Works

The C-Master Mark II takes the diver underwater Command and Control system to an entirely new level of innovation, system performance, commonality, modularity and scalability. Divers can integrate multiple sensors onto one common smart platform base and complete successfully a wide scope of operational missions using a variety of sensors.

C-Master MKII is a mature and refined design that combines all the capabilities of the previous models into a modular and scalable tablet design with upgraded mission planning software, friendly and useful Graphical User Interface and state of the art hardware.

The C-Master MKII provides an imaging and navigation solution using GPS, compass, DVL, underwater communication and dead reckoning capabilities as well as a Sonar, Camera, and flashlight.

How We Bridge the Gap
  • Enable divers versatility to connect external sensors.
  • Enhance the diver's capabilities.
  • Provide the diver with mission specific crucial data.
Markets Served
  • Navy SEALS
  • Army Special Forces
  • Marine Corps Reconnaissance and Special Operations
  • FBI and other Federal law enforcement agencies.