Underwater Technologies - Compact Oxy

The Compact Oxy is a diving re-breather system that can be used where oxygen supply is limited, yet still enabling long dives and producing no bubbles. These capabilities make Compact Oxy ideal for Special Operations Forces for covert entry/withdrawal and immediate littoral operations.

  • This closed circuit underwater breathing system enables lightweight, compact and covert underwater operations by Special Operations Forces.
  • Size and weight of system is small and compact for easy maneuvering while on mission
  • User can wear the system on their back or on their front as required
  • Provide at least 2 hours of operational time
  • Flexibility of immediate operations without dismounting the system
  • Minimizing the logistics of:
  • Removing the system to operate weapons or equipment
  • Storing the system
  • Returning to the cache site for return underwater egress