Water Purification Systems

Small units on urban combat missions carry a limited volume of water in their hydration packs or in bottles. On many occasions, troops encounter local water sources such as water tanks on roofs and water from wells which can be easily contaminated with chemical or biological hazards. “Spring” is a small, man-portable water purification unit that fits into a backpack and can filter water to the required hydration needs of a squad or platoon. The unit produces fresh, pure water from any indigenous water source, e.g., tap water from a captured building, water tanks on roofs, wells, etc. The device is small and light-weight, and reduces the logistical need to supply large amounts of water to troops during operations.

  • Can purify 60 gallons of questionable water per battery pack
  • An additional two battery sets can be added to the unit allowing filtration of 180 gallons
  • Unit weighs 25lbs. in contrast to a standard 5 gallon water tank which weighs 44lbs.
  • The water is continuously monitored with the unit automatically responding to potential hazardous changes in quality
  • Meets TBMED-577 and STANAG 2136 water standards
  • Can be easily operated and maintained in the field