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August 14, 2023

AM General Launches New Brand Image

Our client, AM General has built an enduring legacy with leading mobility solutions designed to support our Warfighters in the harshest of environments. Whether used to transport troops, as medical carriers, or to increase lethality on the battlefield, our vehicles go where SGT Smith goes to accomplish the mission. With our new identity, our photographs will always feature the Warfighter as a testament to our commitment to build platforms that can and will go wherever the Warfighter needs them. We also are proud to showcase existing and new capabilities on our vehicles to demonstrate how we continue to push the envelope of innovation.

AM General, Mission Ready, Future Driven – For decades we have been dedicated to delivering innovative solutions for warfighter mobility that meet the demands of the ever-changing battlefield. Today we launch a new brand image that honors our heritage while carrying us into the next generation. While our brand is evolving, our mission remains steadfast – #MissionReadyFutureDriven

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