What We Offer

cutting edge technologies to address modern warfare challenges

Our product offering ranges from platforms, sensors, tools and equipment to fully integrated support systems for military and law enforcement personnel. We consistently search for both mature and emerging technologies to meet the identified requirements.

Products We Offer


Blast Management Solutions

We offer a range of solutions that are hand-held, wearable, fixed and mobile. Our solutions provide independent technology that can operate stand-alone or be integrated into a common operating platform.

Helicopter over fire sunset horizon. War concept. Military scene of flying helicopter fire backgroung effect.

Multispectral Electro-Optic sensors and gimbals

Surveillance and Reconnaissance Multispectral Electro-Optic sensors and stabilized payloads for air, land, and navel platforms.


Weapon Systems and Firearms

State of the art design, manufacturing, and materials, creates lighter and stronger weapons, optimized for use by the modern warfighter.


GNSS Simulators

A comprehensive test and simulation environment, to realistically and repeatedly perform controlled tests inside your lab. In addition to GNSS signals, you’ll be able to generate and control multiple types of interference such as masking, multipath, spoofing, jamming and more.


Navigation Sensors And Systems

We offer wide range of sensors and solutions which can be integrated in air, land and sea platforms and payloads, to provide positioning, navigation, stabilization, heading and attitude deamination and assist with target acquisition and aiming.


Day, Night, Thermal Weapon Sights

Day and night weapon-sights and clip-on sensors, including IR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR, Thermal and blended optic solutions.


Tactical Wheeled Vehicles

Specialized vehicles for military operations such as the iconic HUMVEE vehicles to the next-generation JLTV. We also offer offroad trucks with payload capacities up to 35 ton with 4×4, 6×6, 8×8, 10×10 and 12×12 drive systems.

U.S. Army Sgt. Rosario Leotta, 2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, tests an Iraqi man's hands for explosive residue during a search for improvised explosive device makers at a propane distributing station i n Kirkush, Iraq, Feb. 7, 2007. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. JoAnn S. Makinano) (Released)

Trace Detection And Identification Field Test Kits

World class field-kits for military, HLS and LE agencies to detect and identify trace of both explosives and narcotics.


Tactical Communication

The world’s smallest, lightest, and most cost-effective mesh networking device for tactical operations. A standalone relay or paired with a mobile phone, the goTenna Pro X2 network delivers mission-critical situational awareness.

Close-up photo of multi camouflaged soldier vest pouches with lock catch..

Tactical equipment

Protective vests and helmet to the warfighter, protective eye-wear, combat uniform, specialized backpacks and load-carrying systems.

Uvivsion Left

Small & Medium Caliber Ammunition and Rockets

.300, 308, 7.62. .50 cal. And similar small caliber munitions for small caliber firearms, sniper rifles and machine guns; Shoulder Launched Weapon Systems and Munitions and Breaching devices.


UAS & Remotely Controlled Systems

Robotic and Remote Controlled platforms and systems for land, air and naval operations.

A C-17 Globemaster III aircrew executes an airdrop mission over Afghanistan. In 2008, Air Force aircraft dropped more than 15 million pounds of supplies in Iraq and Afghanistan. (U.S. Army photo/Spc. Micah E. Clare)

Airdrop and parachuting solutions

Military cargo parachute and related elements, parachutes for personnel, space, aircraft recovery & deceleration, and munitions.

Anti-riot police give signal to be ready. Government power concept. Spec ops police in action. Smoke on a dark background with lights. Blue red flashing sirens. Selective focus

Hand light, Helmet Mounted Lights, Searchlights Weapon Lights

Tactical search-lights, Weapon-lights, Helmet Mounted Lights, Warning Lights, Handheld Flashlights, Safety Lights, Emergency Lights and more.


Long Range Acoustic Devices

LRAD systems deliver live or recorded voice messages with exceptional clarity for any operational scenario. Optimized to the primary range of hearing, LRAD ensure every broadcast is clearly heard and understood, even above crowd, engine, and background noise.


At Karil, we specialize in providing a comprehensive range of services to support our customers’ success. Our expertise includes developing brand positioning strategies, capturing opportunities, and delivering customized solutions in the Defense and HLS markets. We work closely with end-users, government agencies, system integrators, and research and development institutes to ensure that our solutions meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether you’re looking to enhance your brand position or require specialized support for a complex project, Karil has the knowledge and resources to deliver exceptional results.

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Consulting and Business Development

At Karil, we bring together a seasoned team of professionals comprising military, Homeland Security, and defense industry experts. With an in-depth understanding of market dynamics, we are your trusted source for all your Israeli market needs. Our mission is to empower international clients with relevant, up-to-date information and strategic solutions.


We provide:

Market Intelligence

  • Stay Ahead with Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis
  • Discover New Operational Gaps
  • Navigate Requirements and Budgeting
  • Master Processes and Regulations
  • Adapt to Organizational and Policy Changes
  • Identify Competition and Synergetic Teaming Opportunities


‘Go to Market’ Strategy

Tailored strategies for your unique goals and proven methods for market penetration


Work-Plan Development

Execute with Precision


Teaming and Sourcing Opportunities

Forge Valuable Alliances

At Karil, we don’t just provide information; we empower your success in the Israeli market. Trust our team of experts to guide your journey, making your goals our mission.

Join us today and discover the Karil’s Leadership difference. Your success story begins here.

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Local Representation

Karil is your trusted partner in Israel, providing a holistic suite of services to enhance your local representation and support throughout the entire business cycle. We specialize in:


Local Marketing & Business Development: We help you navigate the local market landscape, ensuring your brand stands out and thrives.


Demonstrations and Evaluation Support: Our expert team performs demonstrations and offers dedicated support throughout the evaluation and testing processes.


Bid Strategy and Proposal Development: Count on us to craft winning bid strategies and proposals, optimizing your chances of success.


Customer, Partner, and Government Relationships: We foster and nurture essential relationships with customers, partners, and government entities, ensuring you have the right connections to grow.


Offset Fulfilment Support: We provide comprehensive support for offset fulfilment, aligning with local regulations and requirements.

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Program management, integration, Implementation, and After Sales Support

Program Management from Start to Finish: We oversee and champion your programs every step of the way. From initial requirement validation to contract award, seamless delivery, and successful implementation, we are your dedicated partners in achieving your project goals.


Tailored Solutions, Informed by Customer Relationships: Our strong customer relationships enable us to deeply comprehend operational needs. We leverage this understanding to propose customized solutions that cater to the unique requirements of each user.


Comprehensive Services: We extend our expertise beyond program management to provide integration, implementation, and training services. Our commitment doesn’t end with project completion – we offer robust after-sale support.


Seasoned Project Management Experience: With a wealth of experience in handling multidisciplinary projects, involving sub-contractors, suppliers, and logistical intricacies, Karil equips your projects with the necessary resources and tools. This ensures a smooth workflow, adhering to scheduled completion dates, and delivering exceptional quality outcomes.


Karil: Your Partner for Success Choose Karil as your strategic partner and let us pave the way for your project’s success. 

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